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How to determine fault after a car accident

If you have been involved in a car accident in Rhode Island, you were likely left wondering who was at fault. In almost any type of accident, the collision was caused by the mistakes made by one or both drivers, meaning that either you or the other driver will be given responsibility for the crash. We at Karns Law Group can help you navigate the complicated legal aspects of a car accident and represent your rights in court.

Rhode Island right-of-way laws

One of the best ways to avoid a car accident is to have a thorough understanding of the right-of-way laws in Rhode Island. Many collisions are caused because drivers do not know when it is their turn to go and when they should yield. We at Karns Law Group are not only here to represent you in the event that you do get in an accident, but also to educate you on the right-of-way laws so that you can be safe on the roads.

Reviewing statistics on age and car crashes

From intoxication to drowsiness, this blog has covered many of the reasons why people find themselves in a motor vehicle accident. However, there are other factors that may play a role in a crash, such as the age of a driver. When it comes to age, various issues could increase the likelihood of a crash, such as a driver’s inexperience. However, it is important to take a look at the statistics on this topic and understand how drivers of different age groups may find themselves in a wreck.

Will my insurance cover pain and suffering?

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Rhode Island, you likely have many questions. Concerns about what your insurance will and will not cover might be at the top of your list. The number one question for many people who were injured in an accident is whether or not their insurance company will cover the damages incurred for pain and suffering.

The avoidable dangers of texting while driving

People all across Rhode Island are likely aware of the growing campaigns that aim to bring an end to the somewhat recent phenomenon of people texting while driving. Though some believe that checking their messages or sending off a quick text behind the wheel is no big deal, it can actually be deadly.

Who kept serving alcohol to an obviously drunk patron?

Do you ever wonder how a drunk driver ended up behind the wheel of a car in the first place? You would think that the signs of intoxication were noticed by someone prior to the driver leaving a bar, restaurant or club, among other alcohol retailers. Perhaps a waiter, bartender or other purveyor of alcohol recognized that the customer was slurring his or her speech, stumbling or exhibiting some other signs of drunkenness, but kept serving that person drinks.

What should I do in a hit-and-run?

Getting in a car accident can be a scary experience, but it can be even more terrifying when the other car takes off and the driver does not make sure you are okay. If you find yourself in this situation, there are certain things you should do. Infinity Auto details the steps to take if you are involved in a hit-and-run in Rhode Island.

What should I teach my teen to do after a crash?

As a parent of teens, one of your biggest worries probably concerns their safety while driving. Teaching your child how to follow laws and rules in Rhode Island is a great way to avoid accidents, but there are still other drivers on the road who may not be as careful. In addition to teaching your teen how to handle him or herself, it is also a good idea to explain what to do in case of an accident. KidsHealth.org offers parents some great tips.

Types of distracted driving

While most people in Rhode Island realize that they are supposed to avoid distracted driving, many do not understand what qualifies in this category. In fact, the various types of distractions have proved dangerous for the 1,161 people that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports are involved in inattentive driving accidents each day in the United States. For another eight people, the results are deadly.

Every hour counts for drowsy drivers

More Americans are losing sleep. We miss sleep over our kids, work, and for that extra dollar. People are pushing through their day with less hours of sleep and it can lead to some dangerous repercussions. It has recently been found that every hour of sleep counts when you get behind the wheel.

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