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How to get help for your immune system disorder

When you have an immune system disorder, the condition can make going to work in Rhode Island difficult, if not impossible. Lawmakers have attempted to alleviate the stress caused by this problem by allowing certain conditions to qualify for Social Security disability. If you think your immune system disorder may be eligible for coverage, we at Karns Law Group can work to help you be approved and gain the help that you need.

Can your respiratory disorder qualify for Social Security disability?

Trying to determine whether or not your respiratory order will qualify for Social Security disability in Rhode Island can be difficult. Certain qualifications must be met and only some types of diseases will be approved. Here are some facts about determining your eligibility from the Social Security Administration.

How to determine if you are disabled

If you are preparing to apply for social security disability in Rhode Island, you are likely concerned about whether or not your application will be approved. We at Karns Law Group understand how stressful this process can be, which is why we have prepared this guideline to help you determine how likely you are to be considered disabled.

Which mental disorders qualify for Social Security Disability?

Often times, one of the most difficult parts of applying for Social Security disability is knowing whether or not your condition will qualify. If you suffer from a mental impairment in Rhode Island, you may not realize that you can be eligible for coverage. Here is what the Social Security Administration has to say about which mental disorders qualify for assistance.

Can sense impairment qualify for Social Security disability?

While not all forms of impairment of the senses will qualify for Social Security disability in Rhode Island, there are some that can. If you have any of the following conditions, detailed by the Social Security Administration, you may be eligible for benefits.

Can skin disorders qualify for Social Security?

Many people in Rhode Island do not realize that certain skin disorders can qualify for Social Security. The Social Security Administration states that acquired, congenital and hereditary skin disorders may all be eligible as debilitating conditions. There are certain things to know if you suspect you may have a qualifying disorder.

Which digestive system disorders qualify for SSD?

When it comes to debilitating conditions that allow you to qualify for Social Security Disability, you may  not consider disorders affecting the digestive system. There are, in fact, several different digestive conditions that can lead to an approval for assistance in Rhode Island. Here are just a few of the possible qualifying disorders and what you may need to provide as proof.

Hematological conditions that qualify for Social Security

One of the most confusing aspects about Social Security disability is understanding which conditions will qualify. While the Rhode Island Department of Human Services Office has stated that the disability must be severe enough to last for at least 12 months, there are several conditions that people may not realize can count as a disability. One of those includes disorders affecting the body’s hematological functions.

Different types of financial benefits

When someone is in need of financial assistance from the government, it can be confusing to understand which type of help should be sought. In Rhode Island, two commonly confused programs include the Supplemental Security Income program and the Social Security Disability Insurance Program. While the names of these two types are similar, the requirements and benefits are very different.

Why applicants are denied SSI

When someone in Rhode Island applies for Social Security Supplemental Income benefits and is denied, it is important to understand the reasons why. There are several different facts that may cause the application to be turned down, but there may still be options available even after denial.

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