Traumatic Brain Injury -- The Need To Be Resilient

Resilience has been defined as "the ability to adapt when faced with tragedy, trauma, adversity, hardship and continuous life-stressors." In traumatic brain injury, resilience is about effective coping. When suffering a traumatic brain injury, resilient people can have a positive outcome regarding a number of aspects of their life.

Some of the effects of traumatic brain injury can include:

  • Cognitive problems including difficulty with memory and thinking;
  • Emotional problems including behavior changes;
  • Difficulty in communicating;
  • Physical problems including one's vision, hearing, taste, smell, balance and mobility
  • Problems with perception.

The traumatic brain injury victim who is resilient can overcome many of the above problems by working at changing their focus in an effort to cope with the problems, and by looking forward to the future instead of despairing about what has been lost.

The following are suggestions to help the TBI victim be more resilient, cope with their problems and maintain a positive outlook:

  • Rest – The brain requires a lot of rest to reset neuro networks and avoid fatigue. Getting enough rest promotes resilience, avoids fatigue and depression.
  • Family Interaction – Resiliency is promoted by interacting with family for support and sharing ideas and interests.
  • Nutrition – Maintaining a balanced diet and getting the proper nutrition helps to maintain an increase strength.
  • Exercise – Maintaining a regimen of regular exercise greatly improves the outlook on life and increases coping abilities.
  • Support groups – Having a substantial network with a focus on peer-support, adjustment and coping helps promote a positive outlook.
  • Counseling – Having an anchor-person who is a constant in the life of the victim goes a long way toward helping solve problems; a psychologist or counselor who is readily available helps to greatly improve coping.
  • Medication – Working with a physician and obtaining the proper medication can also be a necessity.