Pursuing Justice For People Injured By Defective Products

Thousands of consumers each year are injured by defective or dangerous products. This can occur directly to an injury victim who is the user of the defective or dangerous product. It can also occur indirectly when one party is using a defective or dangerous product and another party is injured as a result; for example, a truck driver is operating a truck with defective brakes and strikes another vehicle. This situation would give rise to not only a motor vehicle liability claim, but also a product liability claim based upon the defective brakes.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that involved any type of defective or dangerous product, you may have grounds to seek compensation for any losses you might suffer as a result. These are extremely complex cases, and the negligent parties will go to great lengths to avoid being held accountable. It is important that you have an experienced Rhode Island personal injury lawyer beside you from the outset.

Serving Clients In Rhode Island And Southeastern Massachusetts In Complex Product Liability Cases

From our offices in Providence and Middletown, the attorneys at Karns Law Group provide strategic, results-oriented representation to clients who have been injured in accidents involving defective or dangerous products. We understand how these cases work and the issues that must be addressed in order to prove negligence. You can rely on us to be there with you at every step, diligently working to see that your interests are protected.

Any manufactured product can give rise to a product liability claim for compensation to injured consumers including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Motor vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Toys
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Swimming pools
  • Playground equipment

Any product that is defective or dangerous can give rise to a product liability claim. Parties that may be held liable can include the manufacturer, distributor and the retail seller.

Learn how the personal injury lawyers at Karns Law Group can help with cases involving defective Takata air bags, which are responsible for the biggest recall in auto parts history.

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