Below please find testimonials and letters sent to us by former clients. We strive to provide all our clients with the highest level of service. We hope these help you in understanding why the Karns Law Group is the right firm to help you with your case or injury.

Case: Motor Vehicle Accident - Braga Bridge

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you for all your help in getting through this whole process. If it wasn't for you, I would have ended up with the wrong therapist and who knows where I would be today. With everything going on here, it was comforting to know I had someone watching out for me. Again, thank you. I have enjoyed working with you.

Jeanie Small

Case: Pedestrian hit by Car

I would highly recommend the Karns Law Group and in particular, Bob Karns to anyone in need of legal help after a personal injury. I was a pedestrian hit by a car and suffered injury that didn't really show until the day after the accident. It was a few weeks of pain, considerable time off work and medical bills that were covered by my health insurance but which my health insurance was investigating to see if an accident was involved that convinced me I needed legal help. I found the Karns Law Group and they provided excellent legal advice and handled everything. They even located a video of the accident taken by a surveillance camera. In addition, the entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. I continued my medical care until the full extent of my injury was established and then Attorney Karns initiated action that resulted in what I think was a reasonable settlement. I did not know where to turn when I realized I needed legal help but I am very happy that I found the Karns Law Group. ~ Martin

File: Nancy Parkinson
Case: Horrible Car Accident

I was in a horrible car accident. My current lawyer was not being very helpful. A friend of mine told me about the Karns Law Group. The Karns Law Group not only got me a fair settlement, they helped to get me well. They recommended the correct doctors for me to see to reach a good recovery from my injuries. I have used the group for another car accident and two workmen's comp. cases as well. Every time I am treated with wonderful care. The Karns Law Group is without a doubt the best law firm I know of. I would never think of going anywhere else in times of trouble. I think it is because they are a family of lawyers and their common goal is to help people get through difficult periods in their lives.

Nancy from Narragansett

File: Larry Goldfarb
Case: Rear End Collision

I have been with the Karns Law Group as a client on two occasions,
with quality results in both cases, (totally) to my benefit. My injury in the last case was the result of being rear ended in a traffic accident, causing me severe bodily injury. Working (my case) with the Karns Law Group was not only being represented by an experienced attorney, but also their well trained paralegals and administrators. All parties are assigned to track and update your case daily until finalized.

The law firm can benefit a client (as myself) by finding qualified doctors who can treat any injury, as they found and scheduled for me when needed. After having major back surgery the law firm tracked my medical recovery, while at the same time handling all insurance company and court matters. They kept me updated on all legal and personal matters, (always) to my benefit, until the case was finalized.

In both my cases there were nothing but positive results from consultation, to filing the legal suit, handling of a major operation, to recovery and finalizing a generous settlement.

My legal and medical experience with the Karns Law Group can only lead me to highly recommend them to any potential client or any of my personal family members.

Karns Law Group has handled two cases for me very successfully, and I would most certainly return again if needed. They are as close to a 10 on that 1 to 10 scale as you can get from my experience this law firm.

Lawrence A. Goldfarb

File: Michael Carey Case:
Slipped on Greasy Floor

While working as a contracted security officer at a local hotel, I received a severe head injury when I stepped in spilled grease and fell to a concrete surface. I contacted the Karns Law Group and after our first and initial meeting, the Karns Group immediately located the most appropriate doctors and treatment centers for my injury, and continued to do so without any out-of-pocket cost to me. When specific therapies were required or warranted, the Karns Group again made all arrangements with the treating facilities, and again, at no cost to me.

Throughout the entire litigation process the Karns Group displayed meticulous and highly professional strategies to maintain forward progress and ultimate success in my case and my expectations were exceeded. I have never [before] experienced the levels of perfection maintained by the staff of the Karns Law Group. I was always advised and kept completely aware of the progress and events regarding my litigation.

I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending or referring family, friends, and associates to the Karns Law Group.

Mike Carey

File: Patricia Feeley
Case: Car Accident Headache became Traumatic Brain Injury

Thirteen years ago I was driving home to Rhode Island from dinner in southeastern Massachusetts. Out of nowhere a madman tried to pass me on the right then got on my left and pushed my car up against the guard rail and finally sent me flying across four lanes of I-195, landing in the median with my car spinning out of control. The perpetrator took off, good Samaritans called the police and I thought I was fine, just shaken up. I was not. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and did not know it for several weeks.

My family noticed significant changes in my behavior and my speech was slurry, I was off balance like I was drunk all the time. It was clear this was more than a concussion. Naturally, the man who hit me was under insured, and my own insurance company was presently in receivership so I needed a good lawyer, a really good lawyer. I turned to the Karns Law Group, after talking with several people who said they had helped them in the past.

I did the right thing. I was put at ease at my first meeting with them. I also felt safe because it was a family that I walked into not just a cold office. The first thing they did was to make sure I got the best treatment available in Rhode Island for me. They left no stone unturned in tracking down the perpetrator, and they did! I was unprepared for the solicitous nature of the group, from making sure I kept my appointments, to explaining the process, to preparing the case to a successful resolution of the case, against some pretty tough odds.

I would definitely recommend the Karns Law Group to anyone who asked, and also to advocates for TBI. They come through for you.

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