Protecting The Rights Of Bicyclists In Injury Cases

A typical situation that often leads to bicycle accidents is the case of a bicycle traveling legally along the edge of a road — and a driver of a car, truck or bus who says afterward that he or she "did not see" the bicyclist.

As in the case of motorcycle accidents, public sentiment is often against a bicyclist without regard to whether that bicycle rider was obeying traffic laws. It is important for a bicycle accident victim to have an advocate who respects a bicyclist's rights in traffic.

Vehicle accident reconstruction initiatives can help determine how a bicycle accident in Providence or Newport actually happened. If the bicyclist was obeying traffic laws but the motorist was not keeping proper lookout, this information may help build a strong case for an injury claim or lawsuit.

Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys Offer Valuable Advice

If you or a loved one regularly rides a bike in traffic, and you are lucky enough to be reviewing this Web page before an accident has occurred, we have some powerful words of advice to offer based on our previous clients' experiences:

  • If you ride your bicycle at dawn, dusk or in dark conditions, you should have a bicycle light and use it when lighting is poor.

  • You should wear a helmet and other appropriate protective gear, such as kneepads when you ride your bicycle on a heavily traveled road.

  • You should wear a reflective vest or at the very least, a jacket or vest with colors that stand out.

  • You should not use a cellphone to talk or text while operating a bicycle. The same is true for vehicle drivers with the potential to be involved in an accident involving a bicycle.

  • In sum, be prepared, watch out for yourself and do not assume that drivers will obey the rules of the road.

On the other hand, if you or your loved one has already been injured in a bicycle accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, please take advantage of our offer for a free consultation. We hope you will contact us as soon as possible, so that we can begin gathering key evidence while it is still available: photos of the accident scene, interviews with eyewitnesses, observation of the injured person and more.

What if your bike accident involved a drunk driver? What if you were a pedestrian, struck by a bicycle on a recreational biking and walking path? What if it was a hit-and-run accident? Whatever the circumstances of your bicycle accident, Karns Law Group has the knowledge and experience that it takes to make a strong case for your compensation.

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