Talk To An Attorney After A Boat Or Watercraft Accident

Recreational boating brings people a great deal of pleasure and entertainment. Boats can also be very dangerous objects, just as cars and trucks are in traffic under the wrong circumstances.

Motorboats as well as boats without engines (such as sailboats) often cause injuries to people inside or outside the boats. Karns Law Group's vehicle accident attorneys represent boat accident victims including:

  • Operators of boats
  • Riders in boats
  • Swimmers
  • Jet Ski operators

The term "boat accident" encompasses many different kinds of accidental injuries, including cases where boat owners are attempting to moor their boats and fall off a dock or are pinned between the launch point and the boat. Serious and catastrophic injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are not uncommon in boating crash cases.

Plaintiffs Law Firm Can Prepare A Persuasive Claim After A Boat Crash Injury — Sailboat Accident Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

Like car and truck accidents, boat accidents often involve distracted or impaired drivers. Was a boater who caused your injuries drunk at the time of the collision? Our boat accident lawyers in Newport can find out. Every piece of evidence that may help determine liability can be of great value to your case.

Rely on our knowledge and experience regarding boating regulations, insurance, serious injuries such as brain injuries, and the legal processes necessary to recover compensation for the injured. We pledge to do all that we can to find and hold responsible any person or organization whose mistakes caused or contributed to your boat accident and injuries. It could be that we will find out that there are multiple negligent parties responsible for compensating you after a recreational water accident.

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