Get Compensation After A Drunk Driver Causes Injuries

When a serious car accident involves a drunk driver, this information is likely to affect the outcome of an injury claim or wrongful death claim. Assuming that police tested an errant driver after an accident, a thorough investigation can verify that a driver had an elevated blood alcohol level indicating intoxication. Even if there was no field sobriety test, there may be other evidence that a driver had been drinking, such as reported observations by police and testimonials from companions.

However, there is another, equally important step in a good investigation after a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. Namely, investigators should discover where the inebriated driver obtained his or her alcohol in the minutes or hours before the crash.

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If it turns out that a commercial establishment or service vendor (a bar, a restaurant or a catering business, for example) was responsible for serving beer, wine or hard liquor to an obviously inebriated customer, there may be a dram shop liability case against that business. A successful dram shop case normally requires:

  • An investigator who can determine where the driver was served alcohol before an accident
  • Demonstrated evidence that a person was acting intoxicated when a server continued to provide alcoholic beverages to him or her
  • Testimony from an alcohol service industrial expert as to how bars and restaurants are supposed to guard against dangerous intoxication of patrons

Negligence comes in many forms — including serving alcohol to drunk customers. Ignoring obvious signs of a customer's inebriation can be deadly when it leads up to a drunk driving accident. Training agencies and programs such as S.M.A.R.T. programs (Servers & Managers Alcohol Responsibility Training) and the ServSafe Alcohol® program set standards for bartenders and food service managers. Experts from these or similar programs can help us evaluate a potential dram shop case.

  • Did a server fail to check a customer's ID, before that customer left an establishment as an underage drunk driver?
  • Did the server ignore a customer's slurred speech or staggering before serving him or her more drinks, after which the intoxicated person drove a vehicle that crashed into yours?

Evidence of this type can strengthen your claim for compensation after another driver's drunk driving resulted in your serious injury or death of a loved one.

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