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Use the best equipment for boating safety

One of the nice things about living in Rhode Island is that you are never far away from an aquatic adventure. We hope that you prepare adequately however you decide to spend your free time. Whether you decide to kayak down Buckeye Brook or take a big boat out on the bay, make sure you use adequate boating safety. At Karns Law Group, we would prefer that you never had to engage an injury lawyer, and proper safety equipment is one part of that goal.

It is not always possible for you to avoid a boat collision, especially when it is caused by a reckless boat driver on crowded water during popular recreation seasons. However, it could be possible for you to mitigate the damage these accidents cause by using all the safety tools available:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Safety gear
  • Training

Cellphone addiction is real and could lead to your injury

Car accidents can take place due to any number of circumstances. Some of those conditions may seem out of the control of travelers, such as weather or medical emergencies. However, too many crashes are caused by the negligence of drivers, and distractions play a major role in contributing to driver negligence and recklessness.

From small to major, distractions can affect anyone at any time. Of course, drivers can take steps to help minimize the amount of distractions they have access to while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, smartphones create a considerable number of distractions, and if someone has a smartphone addiction, he or she could cause an accident that leads to you suffering serious injury.

Common reasons Social Security Disability claims are denied

If you are among the many Rhode Island residents who cannot earn an adequate income because of a mental or physical limitation or incapacity, you may be able to qualify for what is known as Social Security Disability Income. The process of obtaining SSDI can prove highly convoluted, and in many cases, first-time applicants are denied this type of income. At Karns Law Group, we recognize that many SSDI claims are denied for similar reasons, and understanding why many claims are denied may help you improve your chances when creating your own application.

According to Findlaw, many SSDI applicants are denied benefits simply because they make too much money. The amount you would ultimately receive, if approved for SSDI benefits, would depend on how much you paid into Social Security through payroll taxes. If this amount is found to be above a certain threshold, the Social Security Administration will typically deny you on the grounds that your income is not low enough for you to truly need SSDI assistance.

What are important facts on boat insurance?

Vehicle drivers on Rhode Island roads understand that car insurance protects themselves against liabilities in the event of a vehicular accident. The same logic applies to owning boats. In the event of a boating accident, possessing boat insurance can be the key to preventing financial ruin and staving off ruinous litigation. The Insurance Informational Institute provides some important facts on what boating insurance may cover as well as possible insurance discounts.

Usually, a boat insurance policy will cover physical damage sustained to the boat, as well as property damage and medical bills. Coverage may include damage to boat components, such as the engine or machinery or equipment permanently attached to the vessel. Insurance also covers damage to the hull and harm to fittings and furnishings. You can also insure your boat against being stolen.

What benefits will you receive after a work accident?

When a Rhode Island worker suffers an injury in a work accident, he or she could be eligible for financial support through the employer's workers' compensation insurance. The specific types of benefits that a person could receive depend on the nature of the injury and his or her specific needs.

Every employee would be prudent to understand how the workers' compensation system works and how to protect your interests in the event of a work accident. One of the most practical ways to do this is to understand the types of benefits that may be available to you in the event of a work accident. Learning more about your rights could be the first step in protecting them.

What are differences between TBI and PTSD?

It is not uncommon for traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be comingled in the minds of many Rhode Islanders. However, while the two seem similar or at times even identical, a person suffering from traumatic brain injury is not always exhibiting PTSD. According to Brainline.org, there are key differences between the two.

To start off with, PTSD and TBI sufferers differ when it comes to memory issues. Traumatic brain injury can often result in forms of amnesia. With retrograde amnesia, a person will not remember what occurred shortly before the trauma happened, or, with anterograde amnesia, remember what happened shortly after. Depending on the extent of the brain injury, a person may lose minutes, hours, or even weeks. PTSD sufferers, by contrast, recall their traumatic event in vivid detail. Such memories resurface again and again at any time of the day or the evening.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of brain injury

Rhode Island residents who suffer brain injuries often do so after experiencing a significant blow to the head. If you suspect that you or someone you love may have suffered one, it is critical that you learn how to identify key signs. At Karns Law Group, we understand how debilitating head and brain injuries can be, and we have helped many clients who suffered such an injury because of the actions of someone else seek appropriate recourse.

Per the Mayo Clinic, brain injuries can range in severity from relatively mild to extremely debilitating and life-threatening, and the symptoms you or your loved one may suffer will vary based on factors including the severity of your injury. If you or someone you love suffers a brain injury that is mild in nature, be on alert for signs that might include brief loss of consciousness, headache or nausea. Atypical sleep patterns, dizziness and general confusion may also indicate that someone has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury.

How does the weather impact road safety?

While there is a lot of talk about crazy drivers, speeders, drunk drivers and distracted drivers on the roadways in Rhode Island, it is not always other drivers that put you at risk for an accident. In fact, many accidents are caused by bad weather conditions. 

The Federal Highway Administration explains the exact impact of different weather conditions and how they could lead to accidents on the roadways. There are three main weather conditions you need to understand. These are fog, wind speed and precipitation.

What is a disability for SSDI?

If you are trying to qualify for Social Security Disability in Rhode Island, you may have heard a lot about how hard it is to get. While it does take time and involves a lot of paperwork, getting SSDI is not really that difficult as long as you have a qualifying disability. This is very important to understand because you will be denied if you cannot prove you have a qualifying disability. 

According to the Social Security Administration, to qualify for SSDI, you must have a total disability, meaning you cannot work, cannot use modification to work and your disability will last for at least one year. If you have a short-term or partial disability, then you do not have a qualifying disability. This is a different definition than is used by other agencies for other programs.

How to recognize dog attacks BEFORE they happen

Dogs are not that different from humans. They have their moods. Sometimes they feel cuddly or playful, and other times they’re crabby and want to defend their territory. The difference with dogs, though, is they are animals without our self-restraint. So they are more likely to bite or attack when threatened than civilized people would be.

Like human, dogs are not impossible to read. Just like you can tell when a person is getting angry or is ready to react negatively to something, dogs give off signals, as well. Learning to recognize such signs may help keep you and your loved ones safe when you encounter other people's dogs. It's also a good idea to research options for seeking restitution should a bite occur.

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