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Collisions with Overloaded Tractor Trailers

Overweight and overloaded large tractor trailer trucks can cause catastrophic collisions with smaller passenger vehicles resulting in severe personal injuries and death to the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicle.

There are many ways that overloaded tractor trailers cause collisions including:

  • When going downhill the tractor trailer travels much too fast and is difficult to control.
  • The added weight adds too much stress on the braking system causing brake failure.
  • Overweight tractor trailers need much longer stopping distance.
  • Tires burst when there is too much weight.
  • Overloaded tractor trailers can cause weight shift causing severe steering difficulties and even rollovers.

The US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration governs what large tractor trailers can haul in terms of weight and being overloaded. www.fmcsa.dot.gov Regulations call for periodic inspections and there are recording devices on tractor trailers that would indicate whether or not a tractor trailer is overloaded causing the severe collision.

As indicated, severe personal injuries can be caused on the highway when one of these overloaded tractor trailers collides with a smaller passenger vehicle resulting in catastrophic or deadly injuries to the passengers in the smaller passenger vehicle. These terrible injuries occur as a result of one or more of the above listed problems occurring as a result of the tractor trailer being overloaded.

Anyone injured regarding a collision of this type with a tractor trailer should have an experienced tractor trailer collision attorney working for them. Karns Law Group is extremely experienced in representing injured victims regarding these types of tractor trailer collisions and injuries.

Robert T. Karns
Attorney at Law
Member RI & MA Bars

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