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November 2012 Archives

Personal Injury Auto Accident Case Result

A 63 year old RI man who was stopped in traffic was struck from behind by a vehicle in back of him that was forced into his vehicle by another auto in back of that one. This was a three car chain reaction where one vehicle pushed the middle vehicle into the 63 year old man who was injured. His injuries consisted of aggravating right shoulder tendonitis and neck pain. The neck pain was a former injury from five years prior that had been resolved. The issue of the extent of his personal injuries as he had already treated for the same injuries, and the extent of the impact as he was the third car in line, were important. After filing suit and attending arbitration Karns Law Group settled this auto accident case for $45,000.00.


If you are injured in an automobile accident and retain legal representation be sure that your personal injury lawyer files discovery to find out whether or not the operator of the other vehicle was on the cell phone or even texting when the collision occurred. This determination can help with liability as it shows the driver of the other vehicle was distracted and therefore helped to cause the collision.

Slip and Fall Case Result

A 25 year old woman was injured in Rhode Island after she stepped in a pot hole after leaving a bar causing a sprain to her ankle. The city involved was placed on notice. It must be noted that she had minimal medical treatment and wore an ankle brace for a few weeks and made a recovery. The case was placed into a lawsuit, her deposition was taken, and the slip and fall was subsequently settled by Karns Law Group in the amount of $12,000.00.

Workers' Compensation - Third Party Liability

When you are injured during the course of your employment the obvious initial remedy is to apply for Workers' Compensation benefits. The injury should be reported to management and you need to receive medical treatment immediately. You should be receiving a weekly check to replace your lost wages shortly after your injury, and all of your medical bills should be getting paid by the Workers' Compensation insurer.

Uninsured Motorist Claims

In 2011, the Insurance Research Council estimated that roughly 14% of Rhode Island drivers were on the road with no car insurance. This statistic is slightly higher than the national average of 13%.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Support Groups Can Help

In addition to cognitive therapy, as a brain injury survivor you should contact your state brain injury association and request dates, times, and locations for support group meetings in your area. These can be instrumental in helping you become organized. Attending support group meetings also helps the traumatic brain injury victim as all of the attendees will be sharing information they have learned.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Organization is the Key for Survivors

Traumatic brain injuries can leave victims with symptoms of poor memory, lack of organizational skills, inability to multitask, confusion, fatigue and a general inability to enjoy life and perform duties as one did prior to the accident that caused the injury. Although these are debilitating and life altering problems, there are devices, systems, and treatments that will help.

Car Accidents - Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage acts to protect those injured in the victim's car when the party at fault has either no coverage or very minimal coverage. In Massachusetts, this kind of coverage falls in the Underinsurance Coverage category. In RI however, it is simply placed on Uninsured Motorist Coverage; which is an elective coverage, meaning that if you fail to request it your policy will not have this kind of coverage available to you in an accident.

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