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Three Reasons to Hire a RI Workers' Compensation Attorney

As a workers' compensation attorney, naturally I believe that you should hire an attorney to help you with your case. Although there are many reasons why hiring an attorney experienced in Workers' Compensation law is beneficial, I will highlight only three of them here for now.

Advice and Guidance

If you are collecting Workers' Compensation benefits, you may not be familiar with the system and the laws that govern it. You will very likely have questions. Your attorney is there to answer your questions and explain the process to you.

Even if your attorney never has to represent you in Court, having him or her there to give you advice and guidance is not only comforting, but may very well be important to the outcome of your case. The insurance company and your employer have attorneys to help them, and you should have an attorney to help you.

Representation in Court

You may need an attorney to represent you at the Workers' Compensation Court. The insurance company may try to reduce or terminate your benefits , and you may need an attorney to defend the insurance company's Petition. Alternatively, you may not be receiving all of the benefits to which you are entitled, and will need an attorney to prosecute a Petition on your behalf.

Having an attorney involved from the beginning of your case allows him or her to have all the necessary information and documentation well in advance of any Court date and allows them to be proactive on your case. An experienced Workers' Compensation attorney knows what is required in the prosecution and the defense of Petitions at the Workers' Compensation Court and knows the best way to present your case to the Judge.

Contingency Fee Plan

Most attorney's fees are contingent upon a successful outcome, and under Rhode Island Workers' Compensation law the attorney's fees are determined by the Court. This determination includes fees for successful prosecution or defense of Petitions at the Workers' Compensation Court.

If the Judge awards your attorney a fee, it will be paid by the insurance company and will not come out of your award. If you choose to settle your case, the attorney's fee is a percentage of the settlement that is approved by the Court.

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