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Fatigued Truck Drivers Cause Severe Injuries

Compared to a smaller automobile, a huge tractor-trailer that is traveling down the highway becomes an extremely dangerous piece of equipment if the driver is fatigued. The fatigued tractor-trailer driver is more likely to cause a serious or fatal motor vehicle accident, due largely in part to the fact that a semi-trailer is so much larger than a smaller family vehicle.

Tractor-trailer drivers will often push their limits and drive while tired or not properly rested. A smaller vehicle does not stand a chance against that much metal if the driver is not alert and aware. These drivers cause serious injuries or death to the occupants of smaller vehicles every year, and fatigued driving is one of the leading causes of severe tractor-trailer accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict regulations on Hours of Service (HOS) that govern how long and how often a tractor trailer operator may be on the road, and the rest that the tractor trailer driver must get. In addition, the FMCSA requires all tractor trailer drivers and trucking companies to maintain drivers' logs that will indicate the Hours of Service. An experienced truck accident lawyer will seek to obtain these drivers' logs and determine whether or not the Hours of Service were violated, thereby resulting in the operator being fatigued.

In addition, tractor trailer operators can suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia causing a reduction in sleep and fatigue that will potentially cause a severe motor vehicle accident. This is another area where having an experienced truck accident attorney will be of benefit as they will ask for of the medical records of the tractor-trailer driver including any and all physicals to see if the driver suffers from sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder; which could be an important element in the case.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a tractor-trailer collision and has sustained injuries or damages, you need the help of an experienced truck accident personal injury attorney. The Karns Law Group has decades of experience handling personal injury cases, in particular, tractor-trailer accidents and traumatic brain injury cases. Contact the office in Providence now at (401) 270-0023 or Middletown at (401) 841-5300 for a free consultation or more information.

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