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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Advances in Imaging

Medical advances in the field of traumatic brain injury now reveal that someone can suffer a mild brain injury without any actual loss of consciousness. Mild traumatic brain injury is defined by the World Health Organization as a traumatic event causing a brief loss of consciousness and/or transient memory dysfunction or disorientation. Symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury and post concussive syndrome include headache, poor concentration, and memory difficulty.

Conventional medical imaging, such as CT scan or MRI, usually appears normal in mild TBI patients. Advances in neuroimaging can show changes indicative of a brain injury. A functional MRI (fMRI) was recently used in a study to look at mild traumatic brain injury patients during the resting state. These MRIs were done while brain was in a resting state, or the state when it is not engaged in a specific task, such as when the mind wanders or while daydreaming.

When compared to people without mild traumatic brain injury, these MRI results showed that communication and information integration in the brain were disrupted in patients with mild traumatic brain injury. The use of a functional MRI for brain injury patients in the resting state is an advance in medicine that can help prove the existence of mild traumatic brain injury in cases where there are no or few outward indications.

The MRI/DTI is another such advance in neuroimaging science. This kind of MRI is uses diffuse tensor imaging that can show microstructural white matter lesions. The MRI/DTI (diffuse tensor) can depict the white matter brain damage that correlates with persistent cognitive deficits in mild traumatic brain injury patients. This new imaging can diagnose information related to the diffuse axonal shearing that causes persistent cognitive deficits and continuing difficulties in mild traumatic brain injury patients.

Karns Law Group has great expertise in representing victims with mild traumatic brain injury and has utilized advanced neuroimaging including MRI/DTI in a number of its mild TBI cases.

If you or someone you know has had a head injury of any kind and has been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, you need personal injury attorneys who know the law. Karns Law Group personal injury and traumatic brain injury lawyers offer free consultations and no fee unless successful. Their experience in handling TBI cases is extensive, and they are familiar with reviewing the kinds of data that can help prove negligence in an injury situation. Contact them now at any one of their easy to reach Rhode Island locations in Providence at (401) 270-0023 and Middletown at (401) 841-5300 for a free consultation or more information.

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