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Negligent Tractor Trailer Accidents - Multiple Defendants

When you are injured in your family vehicle by the negligent operation of a tractor trailer, because of the size of the truck striking your smaller vehicle, the injuries are usually quite serious with even death resulting. To ensure that the appropriate damages will be collected, it is vital that all of the liable parties connected with the tractor trailer accident are brought to justice.

There are obvious defendants and not-so-obvious defendants. The obvious defendants are the tractor trailer driver who operated the tractor trailer negligently, and the trucking company who is vicariously liable for the acts of the negligent tractor trailer driver.

The less obvious defendants can be well hidden and more than one in number. It is important to obtain the services of a law firm experienced in handling tractor trailer negligence cases in order to ensure that all of the proper defendants are brought to justice.

In some cases the loading of the tractor trailer can help cause the collision. If whomever loaded the tractor trailer did so in a negligent manner, causing the load to come loose and 'shift', the trailer and the tractor pulling it can roll over, crushing a smaller automobile. A roll-over can be cause by the driver of the tractor trailer speeding and swerving, and/or because the cargo was not loaded properly in the trailer.

This situation would give rise to another defendant, namely the company who loaded the trailer. If a commercial broker contracts with a company to transport their goods and they do so with the use of an incompetent trucking company, they too may become parties to the suit through broker liability. Not only the negligent truck driver and trucking company are liable to you or your family, but also the commercial broker for their negligence in hiring an incompetent trucking company.

Finally, among others, third party mechanics who make a mistake in servicing the vehicle, including engine repair or faulty tire repair, may be found liable and negligent in cases involving vehicles that they serviced prior to an accident.

Many times the injuries are serious in these cases. Hiring a reputable law firm with experience handling cases against negligent tractor trailer companies and drivers is important to the success of your claim.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident or tractor-trailer collision, you need personal injury attorneys who know the law and the kinds of technology available to help prove your claim. Karns Law Group personal injury lawyer offer free consultations and no fee unless successful. Their experienced in handling cases against negligent truck drivers and trucking companies is extensive, and they are familiar with reviewing the kinds of electronic data that can help prove negligence in an injury situation. Contact them now at any one of their easy to reach Rhode Island locations in Providence at (401) 270-0023 or Middletown at (401) 841-5300 for a free consultation or more information.

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