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Rhode Island car accident kills 1, injures another

When a person is injured in a Rhode Island car accident, their family members usually are filled with grief. This sadness may soon become rage if speeding, which can be treated as an act of negligence, caused the lethal accident. The injured person and their family have the right to seek monetary compensation in an effort to ease pain and sufferingeven if the person who caused the accident has already died in the car accident.

This is the situation that one individual is facing after they were riding in a car and ended up being injured in a crash caused by the car's driver. The man who was driving the car was going 122 miles per hour. He really should have been going only 35 miles per hour in that vicinity.

During his speedy drive, the driver crashed into a telephone pole. He died, while his passenger suffered serious injuries. Both of these individuals were not wearing their seatbelts.

It is within the rights of the seriously injured passenger to file a personal injury suit in order to seek monetary reimbursement to cover injury-related expenses resulting from the car accident. Especially if the speed of the vehicle is established in accordance with the preliminary evidence, this can be used as evidence of driver negligence in Rhode Island. In this instance, it may also support a claim of reckless conduct. Even if the person who caused the crash has died in the event, the injured party and their family could still sue the estate of the deceased and any separate owner of the vehicle used.. As soon as liability is established to the civil court's satisfaction, claims for monetary damages will be determined.

Source: abc6.com, 21 year old dies in car crash in Tiverton, No author, Sept. 6, 2013

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