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Recreational Injuries - Leisure Activities

Recreational injuries can occur during participation of leisure activities that are being done to provide relaxation for the participants. Recreational injuries that occur during leisure activities are certainly not expected and require investigation as soon as possible in order to ascertain the cause of the injury.

• Sports Activities - Participation in sports for recreation including golf, tennis and team sports must be done utilizing the proper safety equipment including the field or area where the sport is played. Using improper equipment or unsafe areas cause injuries.

• Amusement Park Activities - Amusement park injuries occur due to mechanical failure of the ride, improper operation of the ride, passenger misuse or failure to follow instructions or even the inherent nature of the ride if it is too severe for someone with pre-existing problems.

• Playgrounds - Playgrounds for children must use safe equipment that is properly anchored and on proper surfaces including wood chips that are soft for children to play on. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety (CPSC) has guidelines that playgrounds must follow.

• Water Parks - Injuries occur at water parks when there are not proper lifeguards, slip and falls due to unsafe conditions, improperly maintained rides and the use of faulty equipment.

• Boating and Personal Watercrafts - Participating in boating or utilizing jet skis or wave runners gives rise to injuries if the equipment is not well maintained, and the proper safety devices are not utilized including life preservers and automatic shutoffs on wave runners and jet skis.

• Ski Resorts - Injuries while skiing occur when there is improper regulation of combining skiing and snowboarding, poor maintenance of the slopes or equipment or improperly trained employees.

• Cruise Ship Vacations - Injuries on cruise ships can occur caused by negligent conditions just like they can occur on land. The difference is most cruise ships have a one year statute of limitation in order to pursue the injury claim and the person so injured must realize this. These injuries include slip and falls, food poisoning, waterslide or pool accidents or injuries at the port of call.

• Resort and Spa Vacations - These injuries occur due to negligent conditions, the negligence of employees and other hazardous conditions. They can include slip and fall accidents, food poisoning from contaminated food, injuries during sporting events at resorts, or injuries when the workers at spas are not well trained.

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