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Traumatic Brain Injury - Take Care of Yourself

People that suffer a traumatic brain injury must properly take care of themselves. In order to do this, it is extremely important to recognize all of the symptoms and effects of traumatic brain injury. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury you must be aware of the effects of it, the help that is out there and what you must do to properly take care of yourself.

Some of the effects and symptoms of traumatic brain injury are as follows:

• Physical

        • Headaches

        • Difficulty speaking

        • Blurry eyesight

        • Trouble hearing

        • Loss of energy or tired all the time

        • Change in sense of taste or smell

        • Dizziness

• Cognitive Effects

        • Difficulty concentrating

        • Trouble with attention

        • Forgetfulness

        • Difficulty making decisions

        • Difficulty multitasking

        • Repeating things

• Behavioral Effects

        • Irritability and anger

        • Frustration

        • Inappropriate behavior or acting without thinking

As often times the milder injuries are not even diagnosed in the emergency room or at the initial stages of medical treatment, it is important to recognize the above symptoms or effects and be seen by a neurologist. The neurologist can make the proper diagnosis and make the proper referrals to other treating physicians such as neuropsychologists (cognitive problems), ophthalmologist (vision) and otolaryngologists (dizziness), etc.

In addition to the proper medical treatment the injured victim must also help himself or herself by:

• Getting enough sleep

• Writing things down or the use of electronic reminders (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

• Establish a daily routine

• Consult with a caretaker or someone you trust to help you make decisions

• Avoid alcohol

• Avoid caffeine

• Take up a hobby or recreational relaxing activity

• Join a support group in your states brain injury association

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