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January 2014 Archives

Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate reveals pedestrian accident

It is no secret that Allan W. Fung is running for governor of Rhode Island. What used to be a secret, however, is that Fung was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident back in 1989. As a result of the accident, Fung was charged with driving to endanger resulting in death. Eventually the charges were dismissed and the records sealed.

Traumatic Brain Injury - What Can I Do To Help Myself

Everyone suffering a traumatic brain injury should get the proper diagnosis and treatment by competent experts in the field including a neurologist, neuropsychologist and the proper cognitive therapy. Once this is being done, there are many things that the traumatic brain injury victim can do to help himself or herself.

Pedestrian in crosswalk became 2nd Newport fatality in a week

Pedestrians stay out of the roadways as often as possible in order to avoid being struck by a vehicle. In an urban setting, however, it is inevitable that someone walking will need to cross a street. Even when an individual remains in the crosswalk, the possibility of being run down by a vehicle exists.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Post-Traumatic Vertigo and Dizziness

Dizziness and vertigo are common symptoms following traumatic brain injury. Although these symptoms can resolve within a brief period of time, many patients symptoms last much longer and impede the ability to return to work in full functioning. Post -traumatic vertigo and dizziness caused by traumatic brain injury can have many different causes including the following:

Rhode Island teen injured in hit and run on way to school

An accident between a pedestrian and a car is a horrible enough situation in and of itself. When the driver flees the scene, it can make matters much more complicated. One family is now left with many unanswered questions after a 15-year-old Rhode Island girl sustained injuries in a recent hit and run. Providence police are now asking the public to come forward with any information about the driver or the accident.

Suspect in Rhode Island hit and run accident in custody

A Rhode Island police officer is getting praise for his role in identifying a man thought to be responsible for a recent car accident that injured a pedestrian. The hit and run accident happened on Christmas Day. The man allegedly ran his car into a woman crossing the street and then left without stopping to assess her condition or offer assistance.

Drivers in intensive care after Rhode Island car accident

Rhode Island motorists are aware that accidents are going to happen in some cases even when precautions are taken. Unfortunately, any car accident can result in catastrophic injuries. When injuries of this nature occur, the injured are left to deal with a long recovery period and the difficulties that are bound to come. In addition, they are faced with possible financial worries from medical bills and time lost at work. In some scenarios, a civil claim may be useful in helping with the situation.

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