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March 2014 Archives

Rhode Island teens' lack of experience could lead to a car crash

The rules of the road, including the warning not to drink or text when driving, are easy to dismiss when they are simply read in a book. However, once a teen driver is on the road, the realities of these warnings can become all too clear when a car crash occurs. It ordinarily takes teens some time to gain the experience necessary to be safe on the road.

No charges expected in bicycle vs. car crash in Rhode Island

Not every accident in Rhode Island that involves serious injuries or death leads to criminal charges. Sometimes, a car crash is no more than an unfortunate accident, and the conduct of the driver deemed responsible does not rise to the level of being criminal. Often, the strict burden of proof required for criminal cases cannot be met based on the facts surrounding a car crash.

Road improvements lead to fewer pedestrian accident victims

Some roadways see a larger volume of collisions than others for a variety of reasons. One such stretch of roadway in Rhode Island's most populous city used to be the site where numerous pedestrian accident victims were either seriously or fatally injured. However, after a city councilman's life was spared following an accident on that same stretch of road, improvements were made.

Wrong-way car accident kills 1, injures 3 others on I-95

Most motorists know that driving in the dark might be confusing for some drivers. Making sure of important things like which is the correct direction of travel on the highway might be difficult. Of course, other factors could be involved in a driver ending up on the wrong side of the road. Determining whether any factors such as impairment were involved In a recent wrong-way car accident could be the focus of a current police investigation in Rhode Island.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Hypothalamic - Pituitary Dysfunction

When a traumatic brain injury occurs, the same injury to the brain can cause damage to the hypothalamus and/or the pituitary gland. The hypothalamus is located at the base of the center of the brain. The pituitary gland is a small structure at the base of the brain below the hypothalamus.

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