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Underinsurance and Uninsurance - Protect Yourself and Your Family

Underinsurance and uninsurance motor vehicle coverage can supplement the coverage or lack of coverage of the person causing the accident. It is important to purchase underinsurance and uninsurance to protect yourself and your family when insuring your motor vehicle.

Underinsurance supplements the coverage of the person causing the accident thereby making more coverage available. If you were involved in an accident caused by the other driver and the other driver does not have enough coverage the underinsurance coverage of your vehicle supplements the other driver's liability coverage thereby giving more insurance to pay the damages of you and your passengers. Underinsurance is just what it says, it protects you and your passengers from the other driver if he is underinsured. In this situation, not only can you collect the insurance from the other driver that causes the accident but you can also collect the underinsurance on your vehicle.

In Rhode Island, the underinsurance is added on top of what the person causing the accident has for liability insurance thereby creating much more coverage. Underinsurance coverage protects anyone in your vehicle or any household member even if they are in another vehicle. In Massachusetts, underinsurance coverage works the same way except that prior to collecting the underinsurance the liability insurance of the person causing the accident is deducted from the amount of underinsurance. Although the underinsurance in Massachusetts is more restricted than in Rhode Island it is still beneficial to have. Underinsurance contracts and law vary from state to state but regardless of how the underinsurance works in a particular state it is definitely worth purchasing to protect yourself and your family.

Uninsurance coverage insures you, passengers in your vehicle and household members against the other person that causes the accident that has no insurance coverage. Uninsurance coverage is purchased to protect you, passengers in your vehicle and household members from operators of vehicles with no insurance coverage that caused the accident.

In Rhode Island, Massachusetts and all states by purchasing uninsurance coverage you are reinsuring the person that causes the accident that has no insurance coverage. By having uninsurance coverage, instead of collecting nothing from the other vehicle that causes the accident that has no coverage, you, your passengers and household members can collect from your uninsurance coverage.

Therefore it can be seen that this coverage is definitely worth purchasing. Everyone that insures a motor vehicle should purchase underinsurance and uninsurance coverage to protect themselves and their families.

This coverage is available on household vehicles, household trucks and recreational vehicles, motorcycles and all commercial vehicles. Although the laws vary from state to state on when and how the underinsurance and uninsurance coverage applies, it is extremely important to make sure that you have underinsurance and uninsurance when you purchase your motor vehicle insurance coverage in order to protect yourself and your family.

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