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Truck Accidents - Severe Injuries and Multiple Defendants

Large tractor trailers that collide with smaller passenger vehicles usually result in severe injuries to the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles and usually give rise to liability in multiple defendants involved with the tractor trailer. These truck accidents that cause severe injuries create liability in multiple defendants.

Due to the size of the large tractor trailer that can be well over 70 feet long weighing in excess of 20,000 lbs., when an impact occurs with a smaller passenger vehicle the results are devastating and the injuries are severe.

Because of the likelihood of severe injuries, the injured occupants of the smaller passenger vehicles must make certain that they ascertain all of the multiple defendants that are involved with the tractor trailer in order to gather all of the applicable insurance coverage and collect all of the damages that are due to the severely injured occupants.

Multiple defendants that could be involved with the tractor trailer giving rise to multiple parties and insurance policies to recover against are as follows:

• The Tractor Trailer Driver - The driver would be liable for his negligence in causing the accident.

• Trailer - Often times there is a separate insurance policy on the trailer.

• Trucking Company - The trucking company would be liable as the employer of the truck driver. In addition, the trucking company could be liable for various other reasons including inadequately training of the truck driver, and negligent retention of the truck driver.

• Warehouse Liability - If the trucking company is negligently loaded by a warehouse that would allow the load to shift when the tractor trailer is on the roadway causing the tractor trailer to flip over and cause an accident then the workers at the warehouse that negligently loaded the trailer would be liable.

• Broker Liability - If a freight broker is involved in choosing the trucking company and/or truck driver and negligently fails to investigate the records of the trucking company and/or truck driver and this failure gives rise to a collision then broker liability would also add another party to recover from.

Truck accidents that cause serious injuries give rise to liability in multiple defendants.

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