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When poor road conditions in Rhode Island cause a car crash

Being involved in a car crash can be traumatizing for many people and can inflict serious injuries that may last a lifetime. When the car crash was caused by the poor conditions of a road, a victim may question their rights and ability to pursue compensation for the damages they suffered. A new national study that was recently published claimed the Rhode Island has significantly poor road conditions in comparison to other cities.

The information that was released revealed that many of the overpasses and roadways in Rhode Island are severely deficient when it comes to proper working condition. When a road is not capable of supporting the flow of traffic, accidents can happen. A person that has suffered damage to their vehicle or bodily harm as a result of a wreck may feel anger that their tax dollars are not being used as they would desire.

Statistics show that 74 percent of the overpasses are either not being utilized or are not capable of adequately providing a safe place to cross. In addition to bridges, 41 percent of the roadways are not in proper working condition. Excessive potholes and crumbling asphalt can contribute to certain accidents, sometimes causing a person to lose control of their vehicle.

The report indicated that Rhode Island vehicle owners are second in the nation for repair expenses. A car crash that may have been the result of inappropriately maintained roadways can inflict serious harm on a person if they are not able to control their vehicle. A victim may choose to seek professional help in investigating their options for restitution, whether the injuries and damages resulted from the negligence of another driver and/or the poor condition of the road.

Source: abc6.com, "RI roads and bridges among the worst in the nation", Dee Dequattro, July 15, 2014

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