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August 2014 Archives

Motorcycle crash leads to 2 injuries in Rhode Island

Motorcyclists are at risk for getting seriously injured or losing their lives in vehicle accidents. This is because in a motorcycle crash, there isn't much to protect a motorcyclist from an oncoming vehicle. Two people were recently injured after being involved in a motorcycle vs. car crash in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island car accident takes a life

When two vehicles collide while travelling at high speeds, the car accident can have devastating results. A family that loses a loved one unexpectedly from a crash may question the accident as they mourn their loss. A devastating fatal car accident recently took place on a popular Rhode Island highway that resulted in the loss of a life and injury to another.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Continuing Problems

Studies show that a significant percentage of people that suffer traumatic brain injuries have continuing problems. A study regarding mild traumatic brain injury indicates that people that suffer mild traumatic brain injuries can have adverse long term psychiatric, neurologic and psychosocial morbidities.

Rhode Island men arrested after car crash

Young adults and teenagers can sometimes make choices that involve alcohol as they seek to have fun. Driving while intoxicated in Rhode Island can result in a dangerous car crash with serious consequences for the liable party. Police recently arrested two young men associated with a serious car crash who face multiple charges for their potential crimes.

Rhode Island pedestrian killed in hit and run tragedy

Hit and run accidents that involve a pedestrian often inflict irreversible damage and leave a victim and/or their family with deep emotional turmoil. A Rhode Island driver that hurts someone with their car and tries to escape for fear of being caught drinking and driving, or for some other reason, may face serious criminal consequences. A man walking along a roadway in Newport recently lost his life in a hit and run car accident after the driver left him on the side of the road without rendering care or otherwise contacting the authorities.

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