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Bicycle Accidents - Avoid the Accident

Riding a bicycle on the roadways is extremely dangerous and the bicyclist must use extreme care to avoid any and all bicycle accidents. This is because motor vehicles on the roadway often times do not see or pay attention to the bicyclist.

Ways that bicycle accidents can be avoided consist of the conduct of the bicyclist and the equipment being used. Some of these ways are as follows:

• Wear bright or reflective clothing.

• Utilize a mirror on the bicycle in order that you can view vehicles coming from all angles.

• Use a headlight not only at night but during the day and have reflectors on the bicycle.

• While riding to the right do not hug the curb in order to give yourself area to move if a large vehicle is coming up behind you.

• Choose wide streets and slow streets.

• On weekends try to only use backstreets.

• Wear a helmet to avoid serious injury if involved in an accident.

Situations to be aware of where bicycle accidents are likely to occur:

• Riding by parked vehicles on your right, be aware of anyone opening a door.

• When vehicles are coming out from the right from a driveway or parking lot or intersection the bicyclist must have eye contact with the motor vehicle operator or slow down and allow the motor vehicle to proceed first.

• While riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road crossing an intersection be very careful of the vehicle coming out from your left to go right as they will not be expecting you.

• If stopped at a red light and the vehicle next to you is not aware of you and the light turns green be very careful as that vehicle might be taking a right on the green light and hit you.

• If proceeding down the roadway and a vehicle passes you and you're approaching an intersection slow down as the vehicle may take a right and hit you. If you are proceeding down the roadway on the right side and a vehicle is coming the other way be very careful that the vehicle is not going to take a left in front of you.

• Never cut to the left when riding on the right side of the road without looking as this could automatically get you rear-ended by motor vehicle.

• While proceeding and you see a vehicle approaching you from the rear in your mirror and it is not clear that the vehicle sees you pull off the roadway and allow him to go by.

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