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Proper car care can help prevent accidents on summer trips

If you have summer vacation plans that include traveling a long distance by car, you may want to make sure that your vehicle is prepared to make the journey. You can help to eliminate some of the possible mechanical problems that could contribute to a serious accident simply by keeping your vehicle well maintained.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that motorists take a proactive role in ensuring their vehicles are in good shape so as to perform safely while out on the road. Here are a few of the maintenance checks the NHTSA believes should be done to prepare for summer driving:

  • Fluid levels. Keep an eye on your car's oil level and get the oil changed when necessary. You also want to check your car's automatic transmission, brake, windshield washer and power steering fluids.
  • Hoses and belts. Look over your engine to make sure that all hoses and belts are in good shape. Look for cuts, cracks and blisters in the rubber. Hoses or belts that show clear signs of wear need replacing.
  • Tire pressure. Low pressure is the most common cause of tire failure. Keep a pressure gauge on hand and make checks at least one time every month. Don't forget to check the spare tire's pressure as well.
  • Vehicle lights. Check your headlights as well as emergency flashers, turn signals and brake lights. Also make sure the interior lights function properly.

Proper vehicle maintenance will likely serve you very well as you travel. Hopefully, you will arrive at your destination and return home safely. But should you be involved in a collision and suffer an injury while on the road, you may end up facing costly medical expenses.

When seeking compensation for an automobile accident, it may be helpful to solicit the aid of an experienced Rhode Island personal injury attorney to help you pursue maximum recompense.

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