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September 2015 Archives

Walking has benefits, but pedestrians face dangers

Even with all of the modes of transportation available, such as cars, cabs and buses, much of the time the best way to get around is under the power of one's own feet. Walking can provide good exercise, freedom from having to find a parking spot and the ability to be at one with the great outdoors. And pedestrians should be lauded, as walking is a completely carbon monoxide-free form of transportation.

Drivers can take action to stay safe as nights get longer

As we move into fall, the night will be arriving earlier and earlier. Very soon, we will spend much more of our time behind the wheel in darkness. As this yearly change takes hold, it is a good time to go over a few of the steps we can employ to stay safe as we drive during the nighttime hours.

What should motorists do when driving near school children?

It is back to school time, and the streets and sidewalks will now see an uptick in foot traffic. Specifically, there will be many more little pedestrians who motorists must keep a look out for in the mornings and afternoons. Motor vehicle traffic can be especially dangerous for younger pedestrians. Children often lack the judgment of adults and may unexpectedly dart out into the street in front of oncoming cars. And of course, their diminutive size can make them harder to spot when around the road.

Recreational vehicle accident claims life of man in automobile

Many recreational vehicles are so large that they are basically small houses on wheels. In order to operate a vehicle of such size, a driver must be skilled and careful. Drivers should never operate an RV while under the influence of alcohol.

Truck Accidents - Event Data Recorders

When truck accidents occur the event data recorder (EDR) is one of the most useful tools available to help crash investigators gather valuable information that in many instances could not otherwise be collected. The event data recorder or "black box" is a device that records information from the large truck immediately before and during most serious crashes.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Necessity for Nutrition

A healthy diet and good nutrition is a necessity to help recover from a traumatic brain injury. A healthy diet is beneficial for all people but becomes a necessity when recovering from a brain injury. Certain studies have shown that a lack of certain nutrients and chemicals can cause disruptions in brain functioning. The brain uses calories to function and when someone has a traumatic brain injury it is necessary to eat enough nutritional calories to help the brain function.

Workers' Compensation - Hospital Workers - High Risk

Workers' compensation benefits applies to injured hospital workers as it does to all work related injuries. Working in a hospital presents a high risk of injury for its workers. A study done in 2011 indicated that working in a hospital caused its workers to suffer injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work higher than any other field or profession including construction, manufacturing, private industry and professional and business services.

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