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What steps can make my motorhome safer for winter travel?

We are firmly ensconced in the winter season, which means that roadways can become snow or ice covered in a matter of hours. Of course, all drivers must take care when trying to navigate through inclement conditions. And while it is best to get to the safety of home and hearth whenever the weather becomes an issue, motorists who are traveling in motorhomes may be far from their formal residences and living on the road.

As such, it is very important that RV travelers be capable of handling winter road conditions. So if you want to keep on moving during these cold weather months, here are a few steps you may wish to take:

  • Try to limit your travel time to daytime hours. Also monitor and heed weather reports.
  • Make sure your tires have good treads. And keep tire chains on hand for when you encounter icy conditions.
  • Use freeze-protected windshield wiper fluid.
  • With an antilock brake system, you will want to apply steady pressure to the pedal, rather than pumping it, when slowing down on slippery terrain.

If you are a bold adventurer, who is willing to face the winter elements as you travel, it is best you do so with a sense of caution. But even if you make every effort to stay safe, accidents can still happen. Even the best drivers may find themselves in trouble if they unknowingly hit a patch of black ice. Moreover, accidents can be caused by negligent motorists who drive to fast on icy or wet surfaces.

Motorhome occupants can be seriously injured if their vehicle is in a collision or loses control and rolls over. If you are involved in a recreational vehicle accident which results in the need for medical care, a Rhode Island personal injury attorney may be able to represent your interests as you pursue appropriate compensation.

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