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What can pedestrians do to avoid accidents in icy conditions?

Winter is in full force in the northeast and snow and ice is a common sight throughout the region. But no matter how severe the conditions may get, Rhode Islanders still have to get on with the business of living their lives, even if the streets and sidewalks are treacherously slick. And sometimes it is necessary to brave the elements to get things done.

Whether you are walking the dog, running an errand or just going for a stroll, it is important to exercise caution when venturing out on foot. No amount of shoveling or rock salt can make the sidewalks and crosswalks completely ice-free. A slip and fall can lead to a serious injury and you can be especially vulnerable if you fall as you are crossing a street.

But there is a technique you can use to help prevent taking a spill on a slippery surface and it involves following the lead of a funny little bird known as the penguin. You do this by first spreading your feet slightly and removing your hands from your pockets, which increases your center of gravity. You then waddle along taking small steps.

Maybe you think this penguin waddle will look silly, but penguins know a thing or two about remaining upright on icy territory. And while you must adjust your walking style to stay safe on slick surfaces, so too must motorists. Any motorist who ignores the conditions or is driving while distracted is creating a hazard for other road users, especially pedestrians.

If you or someone in your family is involved in an auto-pedestrian accident during these inclement months, you may want to contact a Rhode Island personal injury attorney. The attorney could investigate the incident to determine liability and act on your behalf to help you get compensation for your recovery.

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