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School bags packed, but so are the roads during back-to-school

Believe it or not, the first day of school is just around the corner. Those who have kids in K-12 have likely bought school supplies and might even be counting down the days until the school schedule begins again. Those who are in college and live on campus have probably already headed back, with their bags in-tow. 

While the return of a school year can be a relief for some parents and exciting for some (though not all) students, there is a safety concern of which everyone should be aware. Traffic safety.

With college students returning to campus, parents driving their kids to school, and more school buses back in business, more vehicles will be on the road. The following are some specific dangers related to traffic safety and the school year:

  • More teens will be back in their cars and driving to school. Some also take friends with them. Inexperienced drivers -- and most definitely if they are distracted -- are a real driving safety concern. 
  • School zones will be bustling again. There are special, stricter traffic rules within school safety zones in order to protect students from motor vehicle accidents. Of course, not everyone follows the laws, a reality that should keep motorists and pedestrians on-guard while commuting through a school zone. 
  • Bus drivers need to be properly trained and follow strict driving standards. Bus accidents can be devastating. The cases tied to Rhode Island bus accidents can get complex, too. 

The school year means busier roads. Busier roads mean a greater chance of traffic accidents. If you or someone you love is injured because of another person's negligent driving, a personal injury attorney is a source of needed support. Back-to-school time should just be a time for a fresh start, but when it becomes a time of hardship due to injury, victims should seek experienced guidance. 

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