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January 2017 Archives

How costly is neglecting a helmet?

Many states mandate helmets for all motorcycle riders, but Rhode Island allows you to ride without one if you are over a certain age. In four states, all motorcyclists are free to ride without helmets, no matter what age you are. The Neuroscience Institute at the University Hospital released a study showing why it is important for states to require helmets for all motorcycle riders.

Important first steps to take after an injury

An injury due to an accident or work-related incident can be an uncertain time in the lives of many Rhode Islanders. The first steps you take following an accident can determine your long-term path to recovery. Insurance companies and employers will consider their bottom line before they consider your immediate needs.

Jet ski safety laws

Cruising across the open water is thrilling and freeing, but accidents with jet skis are alerting people to the dangers involved with the sport. Residents of Rhode Island and other states are being encouraged to take extra precautions and safety measures to avoid the injuries that can occur with personal watercraft accidents.

Types of distracted driving

While most people in Rhode Island realize that they are supposed to avoid distracted driving, many do not understand what qualifies in this category. In fact, the various types of distractions have proved dangerous for the 1,161 people that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports are involved in inattentive driving accidents each day in the United States. For another eight people, the results are deadly.

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