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March 2017 Archives

Can sense impairment qualify for Social Security disability?

While not all forms of impairment of the senses will qualify for Social Security disability in Rhode Island, there are some that can. If you have any of the following conditions, detailed by the Social Security Administration, you may be eligible for benefits.

3 steps to help you assess a rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions happen on roadways all across the country. The factors involved in such an accident can have a considerable outcome on the damages, injuries and overall severity of the incident. At the very least, drivers and passengers whose vehicles have been hit from behind feel shaken by the event, and, in more serious incidents, vehicle occupants could suffer severe injuries and other trauma.

What happens after a coma?

One of the most severe effects of a traumatic brain injury is a coma or vegetative state. This is a difficult, confusing time for anyone watching over a friend or family member in Rhode Island, but it can be overwhelming to think about what life might be like even if your loved one does wake up. The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center details some of the most realistic expectations you can have if you are caring for someone in this position.

Who kept serving alcohol to an obviously drunk patron?

Do you ever wonder how a drunk driver ended up behind the wheel of a car in the first place? You would think that the signs of intoxication were noticed by someone prior to the driver leaving a bar, restaurant or club, among other alcohol retailers. Perhaps a waiter, bartender or other purveyor of alcohol recognized that the customer was slurring his or her speech, stumbling or exhibiting some other signs of drunkenness, but kept serving that person drinks.

What should I do in a hit-and-run?

Getting in a car accident can be a scary experience, but it can be even more terrifying when the other car takes off and the driver does not make sure you are okay. If you find yourself in this situation, there are certain things you should do. Infinity Auto details the steps to take if you are involved in a hit-and-run in Rhode Island.

Crew Safety: A Skipper's Number One Priority

Maintaining crew safety on commercial vessels is one of the most important responsibilities of a sea captain. When a crewman is injured due to the captain's negligence, he or she is eligible to receive medical care and renumeration for lost pay, and may also sue for other financial damages under a section of U.S. Maritime Law known as the Jones Act.

What is the biggest boating danger to watch out for?

While most people in Rhode Island are aware of the dangers that exist on the road, you may feel less inhibited once you get behind the wheel of a boat. Open water can seem obstacle-free and clear of problems, but the truth is actually very different. Spinal Column details the biggest danger that you need to watch out for while boating: drowning.

Can skin disorders qualify for Social Security?

Many people in Rhode Island do not realize that certain skin disorders can qualify for Social Security. The Social Security Administration states that acquired, congenital and hereditary skin disorders may all be eligible as debilitating conditions. There are certain things to know if you suspect you may have a qualifying disorder.

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