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Recognizing the signs and symptoms of brain injury

Rhode Island residents who suffer brain injuries often do so after experiencing a significant blow to the head. If you suspect that you or someone you love may have suffered one, it is critical that you learn how to identify key signs. At Karns Law Group, we understand how debilitating head and brain injuries can be, and we have helped many clients who suffered such an injury because of the actions of someone else seek appropriate recourse.

Per the Mayo Clinic, brain injuries can range in severity from relatively mild to extremely debilitating and life-threatening, and the symptoms you or your loved one may suffer will vary based on factors including the severity of your injury. If you or someone you love suffers a brain injury that is mild in nature, be on alert for signs that might include brief loss of consciousness, headache or nausea. Atypical sleep patterns, dizziness and general confusion may also indicate that someone has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury.

In more severe cases of traumatic brain injury, you or someone you love may lose consciousness for a longer period, such as minutes or even hours. In addition to many of the same symptoms exhibited by mild TBI sufferers, those with moderate or severe TBIs may also experience seizures, convulsions or dilated pupils. An ability to awaken may, too, suggest a moderate or severe TBI, as can slurred speech and uncharacteristic confusion, aggression or combativeness.

If you suspect your young child has suffered a brain injury, but he or she is too young to describe his or her symptoms, track his or her actions and behaviors closely. Be on alert for uncharacteristic irritability, prolonged crying bouts, changes in sleeping patterns, exhaustion, or a loss of interest in normally pleasing activities. More about TBIs is available on our web page.

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