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What benefits will you receive after a work accident?

When a Rhode Island worker suffers an injury in a work accident, he or she could be eligible for financial support through the employer's workers' compensation insurance. The specific types of benefits that a person could receive depend on the nature of the injury and his or her specific needs.

Every employee would be prudent to understand how the workers' compensation system works and how to protect your interests in the event of a work accident. One of the most practical ways to do this is to understand the types of benefits that may be available to you in the event of a work accident. Learning more about your rights could be the first step in protecting them.

What benefits do you need?

Every workers' compensation claim is different, and the support you need depends largely on the nature of your injuries and what you need for a full recovery. You may be able to claim some or all of the following benefits through a workers' compensation claim:

  • Recovery of a portion of your lost wages from time you missed from work
  • Coverage of your medical bills and ongoing needs, such as rehabilitation
  • Compensation for any permanent injuries you suffered
  • Retraining and rehabilitation for new employment if you cannot return to the same job you had before your accident

A work accident can be particularly complex if you will suffer from the effects of your accident permanently or if it will have a long-term impact on the type of work you can do. When seeking benefits after an accident or the onset of a work-related illness, you deserve support that not only addresses your immediate needs, but those that will affect you long into the future. You have the right to seek help as you work to understand workers' compensation and your recovery.

Walking through a complex claims process 

The workers' compensation claims process can be challenging. You have to submit paperwork and report your injury within a certain amount of time. Additionally, you may have to deal with delays in the process or even a denial of your initial claim.

You may find it useful to seek assistance as you traverse the insurance claims process. From your initial forms to fighting through the appeals process, you may find that having support and guidance helps you move through this potentially complex process in a timely manner. An evaluation of your case can help you understand what benefits you could receive and how you can fight for your recovery after a work accident.

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