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April 2018 Archives

How many traffic fatalities occur in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island may be a small state relative to most of the other 49 states in the nation and therefore the number of traffic accidents that occur in the state may not at first seem all that bad to people who live elsewhere. However, when you stop to think that every person who dies in a car crash leaves behind people who loved them, the actual number of people killed in crashes is no longer the measure of what is acceptable. The fact remains that only when no accidents and fatalities occur can people be pleased with the statistics.

Appealing a social security disability denial

Having a social security disability benefits application denied is a frustrating experience for anyone. However, there are avenues available to those who have recently received an income or insurance denial from the Social Security Administration. The simplest option is often a direct appeal. It bears mentioning that, while there is a time limit on eligibility to take this action, Rhode Island residents do not need to be in the state, or even the country, to apply for an appeal. 

The effects of alcohol on your system and your driving abilities

Rhode Island readers know alcohol affects people in different ways, and a person does not have to go over the legal limit of .08 percent to be intoxicated. In fact, a person could be unable to drive safely after just one or two drinks. Every driver is responsible for understanding his or her limits and knowing when he or she should not be behind the wheel.

The high cost of a brain injury

If you are among the many people across Rhode Island who has experienced a brain injury, you may have at least some idea of just how debilitating and expensive such an injury can prove to be. In addition to potentially leaving you with lifelong complications that can considerably disrupt your overall quality of life, brain injuries are immensely expensive, potentially leaving you and your loved ones with a lifetime of medical bills. At Karns Law Group, we understand how much a traumatic brain injury can disrupt your life, and we have helped many brain injury sufferers seek compensation after suffering brain injuries caused by the negligence of others.

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