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Appealing a social security disability denial

Having a social security disability benefits application denied is a frustrating experience for anyone. However, there are avenues available to those who have recently received an income or insurance denial from the Social Security Administration. The simplest option is often a direct appeal. It bears mentioning that, while there is a time limit on eligibility to take this action, Rhode Island residents do not need to be in the state, or even the country, to apply for an appeal. 

Of course, the SSA might reject any application for a non-qualifying disability. Individuals who are partially disabled or who have too high of an income might be disqualified from the social security disability assistance program.

If the injury or individual in question could qualify, the first step in an appeal is often to have someone with some experience in the subject look over the original application. The SSA offers a checklist for applying for social security disability online, which is just as effective as a checklist for reviewing an application. The materials required are very similar to what would be necessary for building a resume, with the addition of medical history:

  • Education and training
  • Job history
  • Description of the disability
  • Complete medical records

The next step is initiating the appeals process. Disabled individuals or their caregivers should typically do this as soon as possible, as there is a limited time window for reversing a SSA decision. The SSA requires further documentation along with appeals:

  • Changes in medical status or treatment
  • Medicines the disabled individual is taking
  • Articles supporting the disability

The SSA allows supporting documents along with appeals, which is often a good opportunity to corroborate disability claims and secure essential benefits. Gathering these documents, along with the others, should be done carefully and quickly to comply with both the exacting requirements of the SSA and the tight deadline for the appeal.

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