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Dispelling common misconceptions about SSDI benefits

If you reside in Rhode Island and you have a disability that is severe enough to prevent you from working and earning a living, you may have reason to apply for Social Security Disability Income. Intended primarily for those who have disabilities that are substantial and long-term in nature, wounded warriors and parents of the disabled may also have cause to apply for SSDI benefits. The process involved in applying for these benefits can prove complicated, however, and many people receive denials when they initially apply. At Karns Law Group, we understand the ins and outs of the SSDI benefit application process, and we have helped many people whose claims were denied pursue appeals.

Even mild brain injuries can cause long-term damage

When people are involved in a serious accident that causes a sudden jolt to the head, they may suffer from a traumatic brain injury. As the soft tissue of the brain hits against the bony skull, it can cause bruising, bleeding and inflammation. The degree of the injury depends on the severity of the blow and how much tissue is damaged. While many studies focus on the effects of severe brain injuries, researchers have found that even mild brain injuries can cause long-lasting damage in some cases.

Living with traumatic brain injury - the victim and the caregiver

Traumatic brain injury is intimidating. That it involves a wide range of severity only increases the fear that goes along with it. Even mild concussions from a seemingly innocent bump on the head carry the TBI label, and Rhode Islanders suffering with symptoms should take them seriously. 

Secrets of Social Security Disability - Limitations and Averages

If everyone in Rhode Island completed a survey about Social Security disability, it is likely that none of the respondents would say they hope to be on SSD some day. The reality, however, is disability benefits exist for good reason. 

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