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Why do semitrailer accidents happen?

If you are a victim of an accident involving a large commercial vehicle or semitrailer in Rhode Island, you understand how serious these accidents can be. Due to the large size and weight of these types of vehicles, crashes involving these trucks can have catastrophic consequences. Even a low-speed collision can result in serious or even fatal injuries for the people in smaller, lighter vehicles.

It may be helpful to understand why these types of accidents happen and what you can do to protect your interests as an accident victim. Many of these collisions are the result of preventable factors and negligence. You could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim against a liable party, allowing you to claim financial compensation for your losses.

Common causes for these collisions

There are many factors that can increase the chances of a semitrailer accident. Because of the large size and heavy weight of these vehicles, truckers have the responsibility to drive carefully and cautiously, as well as do everything possible to avoid accidents. Some of the most common reasons these accidents happen include the following:

  • Vehicle maintenance is a critical factor in avoiding truck accidents. Poorly maintained vehicles are more prone to problems that can lead to collisions.
  • Poorly loaded cargo can make trucks unbalanced, which can make them difficult to steer and control. This makes it more likely an accident will happen.
  • Driver mistakes also greatly increase the chances of an accident. Truckers need training and adequate rest to safely operate these large vehicles.

This is not a complete list of truck accident causes. Distraction, speeding, bad weather and dangerous road conditions are also issues that can lead to serious collisions and injuries to innocent motorists.

You may not know what factors led to your accident or what you should do next to protect yourself, but you can take steps to learn more about the legal options available to you. Victims of truck accidents do not have to walk through the aftermath alone.

The help you need to move forward

It may be helpful for you to take steps to seek a complete evaluation of your case. This will help you understand if a civil claim is a possibility for you, and if it is, what types of damages you may be able to seek. Truck accidents are serious, but you may be able to hold liable parties accountable and fight for the recovery you deserve.

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