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Chiari I Malformation Archives

Chiari I Malformation - Relationship to an Accident

The relationship of an accident with physical trauma through chiari I malformation is the subject of controversy. Many people with chiari I malformation that either knew they had it or never knew they had it and suffered no symptoms of the chiari I malformation have tremendous symptoms after trauma particularly head and neck trauma such as from a car accident.

Chiari I Malformation - Awareness

September is Chiari Awareness Month. This designation is made to raise awareness of Chiari malformation and to help raise funds for programs and research to benefits people living with Chiari malformation. It is important for everyone to be aware of what Chiari I malformation is and the devastating effects it can have.

Chiari I Malformation - Cause and Effect

Chiari I malformation can be caused by a congenital condition or in some instances from an event such as infection or injury. The effect of Chiari I malformation can cause multiple physical problems depending on the degree of the malformation and may necessitate surgery. In addition, an asymptomatic Chiari I malformation can become symptomatic when aggravated or made worse by injury with effect of causing symptoms that did not exist before.

Chiari I Malformation - Symptoms After Injury

Chiari I malformation that is asymptomatic can become symptomatic exhibiting many symptoms after injury. A study reproduced in the medical periodical - Neurosurgery (October 2008) concludes that minor head or neck trauma can precipitate the onset of symptoms in previously asymptomatic patients with Chiari I malformation. This study indicates what many treating neurosurgeons agree with that the asymptomatic condition can become symptomatic due to the aggravation of the condition caused by injury to the head or neck.

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