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Pedestrian Accidents Archives

Older riders proving more likely to be in bicycle accidents

While bicycles have long been a preferred form of transportation for the younger crowd, recent years have seen a significant rise in the number of older riders. Perhaps this is because more and more people realize the benefits of staying physically fit. The fact that riding a bicycle is easier on the joints than most other aerobic exercises is certainly a bonus.

What can help me keep safe while jogging?

Hang on outdoor enthusiasts; the warmer months are on their way. And this is especially good news if you are ready to lace up the running shoes and resume your jogging routine. Of course, the safest places to put in a few miles are those that are well away from traffic, such as parks or tracks.

Fatal pedestrian statistics reveal who is most vulnerable

Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statistics pertaining to fatal pedestrian traffic accidents. From the NHTSA's statistics, it is possible to draw inferences regarding who may be at greatest risk when walking near roads and streets.

Some simple rules can help keep bicyclists safe

All cyclists, be they beginners who are still using training wheels or experienced riders who have peddled for years, must ride safely. Certainly, there are many precautions that riders can employ to avoid being hurt. But what are the essentials that every rider should know?

Threats for accidents abound when running in winter weather

For runners, it is simply impossible to forgo the pleasures of lacing up the training shoes and taking off for a good brisk jog around the neighborhood. For those who have been bitten especially hard by the running bug, only the most extreme weather conditions can postpone a regular workout.

Intoxicated driver injures pedestrian in festival area

Fall is a great time to engage in outdoor activities. Whether you like bike riding, playing sports or just walking about, the cool weather can allow you to really enjoy the day. Many towns and cities may have special events scheduled that take advantage of the mild temperatures.

Walking has benefits, but pedestrians face dangers

Even with all of the modes of transportation available, such as cars, cabs and buses, much of the time the best way to get around is under the power of one's own feet. Walking can provide good exercise, freedom from having to find a parking spot and the ability to be at one with the great outdoors. And pedestrians should be lauded, as walking is a completely carbon monoxide-free form of transportation.

Truck driver allegedly involved in fatal bicycle accident

For many people, riding a bicycle is a favored means of transportation. Bicycle riders can reap many benefits, including getting exercise and not having to deal with the hassle of finding a parking space. But as bicyclists are likely well aware, you have to be on your guard at all times when riding near auto traffic.

How do I pick a safe walking route?

You may walk for fun or you may walk out of necessity, but in either case you want to walk safely. So, when choosing a walking route, be it to a school, park or any other neighborhood location, you may want to scout the area out. This is especially true when you are picking out a route that your child will walk on his or her own.

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