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Recreational Vehicle Accidents Archives

RV drivers must anticipate hazards to avoid accidents

There is something very liberating about traveling the country in a Recreational Vehicle. And when you take to the road in one of these supersized vehicles, you get to enjoy many perks that are not afforded to those driving a typical passenger car.

What should I know about putting a camper on my pickup?

Using a pickup equipped with a camper to go on road trips has several advantages. For one thing, by outfitting your pickup with a camper, you have a very versatile vehicle that you are already familiar with. However, driving your pickup will be very different with a loaded camper on board. And it is important that you take the differences into account so as to stay safe when on the road.

What should I research to prepare for a vacation in my RV?

While we are still trudging through the winter months, you may be making your plans for a spring or summer road trip. Of course, any vacation that involves driving long distances requires careful preparation. However, if your intent is to travel by RV, then you have even more issues to consider than if you were going by car.

What should I know about hauling a trailer with an RV?

Taking to the road in an RV allows travelers the freedom to go where they want and stay as long as they want. On the downside, RVs are very large and can limit your ability to go to places that are more accommodating to smaller vehicles.

What steps can make my motorhome safer for winter travel?

We are firmly ensconced in the winter season, which means that roadways can become snow or ice covered in a matter of hours. Of course, all drivers must take care when trying to navigate through inclement conditions. And while it is best to get to the safety of home and hearth whenever the weather becomes an issue, motorists who are traveling in motorhomes may be far from their formal residences and living on the road.

RV owners have myriad insurance options

Sometimes, people who are looking to travel across the country while still maintaining some of the amenities of home decide to take the plunge and purchase a recreational vehicle. RVs allow their owners to spend extended periods of time on the road. And while that is great for sightseeing purposes, it also means they will likely be traveling far from home, on unfamiliar terrain and in all kinds of weather. In addition, because of its size, operating an RV can be extremely challenging, especially for a new driver.

How can an RV driver monitor surrounding traffic?

As the weather cools and with winter still in the distance, this may be a good time to take a voyage in a recreational vehicle. Traveling by RV can be a great way to see the sites. Plus, given the amenities that are typically standard for these vehicles, it is easy to camp and rest at your convenience.

Recreational vehicle accident claims life of man in automobile

Many recreational vehicles are so large that they are basically small houses on wheels. In order to operate a vehicle of such size, a driver must be skilled and careful. Drivers should never operate an RV while under the influence of alcohol.

Proper care can extend the life of your RV's tires

Recreational vehicles can provide their owners with a degree of freedom not offered by most other forms of transportation. A motorhome or truck outfitted with a camper offers motorists both a way to travel and a place to stay when stopped.

Report indicates RV manufacturer withheld injury data

Recreational vehicles are intended for extended road trips and are generally quite large and heavy. As such, they cannot afford to have safety defects. The manufacturers of these vehicles should be held accountable for making sure they are built to very high safety standards.

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