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Traumatic Brain Injury-The Need to be Resilient

Resilience has been defined as, "the ability to adapt when faced with tragedy, trauma, adversity, hardship, and continuous life-stressors". In traumatic brain injury, resilience is about effective coping. When suffering a traumatic brain injury, resilient people can have a positive outcome regarding a number of aspects of their life.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Necessity for Nutrition

A healthy diet and good nutrition is a necessity to help recover from a traumatic brain injury. A healthy diet is beneficial for all people but becomes a necessity when recovering from a brain injury. Certain studies have shown that a lack of certain nutrients and chemicals can cause disruptions in brain functioning. The brain uses calories to function and when someone has a traumatic brain injury it is necessary to eat enough nutritional calories to help the brain function.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Beyond the Medicine

Initially victims of traumatic brain injury are diagnosed, and as part of the medical treatment are placed in rehabilitation including speech and cognitive therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. The physicians that treat the traumatic brain injury victim also prescribe medication. Once this medical treatment is being done it is important for the traumatic brain injury victim to look beyond the medical treatment to other resources. Some of these resources are:

Researchers find that brain injuries cause brains to age faster

People who have been involved in serious car accidents in Rhode Island often suffer from traumatic brain injuries. According to new research, these TBIs may result in car accident victims' brains aging at an accelerated rate. The study on the effects of TBI was led by a doctor in the United Kingdom and published in the April issue of the Annals of Neurology.

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