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Why is it important to prepare a boat for winter?

When the warm weather turns cold in Rhode Island, you have to begin thinking about putting your boat away for the winter. Winterizing your boat is an important part of ownership. According to V-Dock, it will help ensure that come spring, you do not end up with costly repairs or worse than that damage you do not see that could put you at risk of a boating accident once you hit the water again. It also ensures that your boat is kept safe during the colder months and that you do not become a victim of theft or vandalism.

Alcohol a factor in 31 percent of boating deaths

Boating opportunities are numerous in Rhode Island, and for most boaters, spending the day on the water can be the perfect way to relax, kick back and spend some leisure time. When others drink alcohol before getting behind a boat’s controls, however, a fun day on the boat can quickly turn deadly. At Karns Law Group, we have seen the devastating repercussions of drinking and boating, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury or lost a loved one because of another boater’s negligence seek recourse.

Shatter the statistics - stay safe on skis

The first day of summer promises a full season ahead, and long days at the Rhode Island coast mean fun in the sun and on the water. Those who love getting out on boats, jet skis and other watercraft need to be especially careful this time of year when lakes and seaside resorts are more full than usual. Remember to prioritize safety at all times. 

Alcohol a common factor in boating accidents

Spending time out on the water is a way of life for many Rhode Island residents, and doing so can be a great way to kick back, relax and escape from your day-to-day responsibilities. A laid-back excursion with friends and family can quickly turn deadly, however, if others out on the waterways fail to behave responsibly. At Karns Law Group, we understand that alcohol is frequently a factor in today’s boating accidents, and we have helped many people who suffered injury on the water because of someone else’s actions pursue appropriate recourse.

The invisible danger in marinas and around your boat

The weather is perfect for a weekend trip to the lake, and you and your family are anxious to load up the boat and head out to the cabin. At the Karns Law Group, we want our fellow Rhode Island residents to have a fun and safe summer, and we realize that water safety is a serious issue during the warmer months.

Training a generation of safer boaters

Many Rhode Island residents spend a significant amount of their recreation time in or around the state's many waterways. This leads to rivers and bays that have a tendency to become congested, and therefore dangerous. Safety training is one of the most effective tools one might use to protect oneself and any fellow boaters from the risks posed by crowded water. 

Use the best equipment for boating safety

One of the nice things about living in Rhode Island is that you are never far away from an aquatic adventure. We hope that you prepare adequately however you decide to spend your free time. Whether you decide to kayak down Buckeye Brook or take a big boat out on the bay, make sure you use adequate boating safety. At Karns Law Group, we would prefer that you never had to engage an injury lawyer, and proper safety equipment is one part of that goal.

What are important facts on boat insurance?

Vehicle drivers on Rhode Island roads understand that car insurance protects themselves against liabilities in the event of a vehicular accident. The same logic applies to owning boats. In the event of a boating accident, possessing boat insurance can be the key to preventing financial ruin and staving off ruinous litigation. The Insurance Informational Institute provides some important facts on what boating insurance may cover as well as possible insurance discounts.

What are some basic speed tips for boaters?

Staying safe on Rhode Island roadways means being aware of basic safety rules. It is your responsibility to ensure you take all safety precautions when you take a boat onto waterways. It not only will protect you and your passengers but also everyone else out on the water. One area where you should have a good understanding is speed and knowing what speed to go safely. 

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