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High school football teams dwindle due to head injury concerns

High school activity programs in Rhode Island and nearby states may experience decreased participation in football. For example, a math teacher and coach in Metuchen, New Jersey uses a beginning-of-the-year survey to identify students who are not playing sports and actively attempts to recruit them to his football team. A dramatic statewide decline in active partaking in high school football programs over two consecutive years has driven him to these drastic measures. For the first time in nine decades, his team forfeited a recent game due to a lack of sufficient players to make up an entire squad, and according to coaches and administrators, growing concern over head injuries is the primary reason for dwindling student involvement in this particular activity.

Breaking down the Glasgow Coma Scale

For the family members and friends of those in Providence that suffer traumatic brain injuries, the first question asked in the immediate aftermath of such accidents is almost always the same: what are their loved ones' chances of recovery? It may seem that offering a reliable answer at that time may be difficult (as no two brain injury cases are the same). Yet clinicians have developed a way to quickly determine the potential severity of a brain injury that also can offer an idea of what a patient's long-term prognosis may be. 

How might a mild traumatic brain injury impact your life?

Rhode Island residents who suffer from brain injuries can experience an exceedingly broad range of symptoms, and some are far more debilitating than others. While medical professionals divide traumatic brain injuries into three categories based on severity (mild, moderate and severe), even mild traumatic brain injury sufferers can experience symptoms and side effects that affect numerous areas of their lives.

Even mild brain injuries can cause long-term damage

When people are involved in a serious accident that causes a sudden jolt to the head, they may suffer from a traumatic brain injury. As the soft tissue of the brain hits against the bony skull, it can cause bruising, bleeding and inflammation. The degree of the injury depends on the severity of the blow and how much tissue is damaged. While many studies focus on the effects of severe brain injuries, researchers have found that even mild brain injuries can cause long-lasting damage in some cases.

Living with traumatic brain injury - the victim and the caregiver

Traumatic brain injury is intimidating. That it involves a wide range of severity only increases the fear that goes along with it. Even mild concussions from a seemingly innocent bump on the head carry the TBI label, and Rhode Islanders suffering with symptoms should take them seriously. 

When domestic violence turns deadly - hidden risks for women

Domestic violence is a fairly common term, and Rhode Island news broadcasters often mention the dangers of abusive homes for spouses and children. Sometimes simple disagreements can escalate into violence quickly when those involved are especially tired, stressed or frustrated with life. 

The high cost of a brain injury

If you are among the many people across Rhode Island who has experienced a brain injury, you may have at least some idea of just how debilitating and expensive such an injury can prove to be. In addition to potentially leaving you with lifelong complications that can considerably disrupt your overall quality of life, brain injuries are immensely expensive, potentially leaving you and your loved ones with a lifetime of medical bills. At Karns Law Group, we understand how much a traumatic brain injury can disrupt your life, and we have helped many brain injury sufferers seek compensation after suffering brain injuries caused by the negligence of others.

What are differences between TBI and PTSD?

It is not uncommon for traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be comingled in the minds of many Rhode Islanders. However, while the two seem similar or at times even identical, a person suffering from traumatic brain injury is not always exhibiting PTSD. According to Brainline.org, there are key differences between the two.

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