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NHTSA uses month of May to promote motorcycle safety

Many motorcyclists in the area may have recently gotten their motorcycles out of storage following the winter months. And there are likely more people who are now in the market for their very first motorcycles. So with this in mind, it seems that May is perfect for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

When lifting a motorcycle, proper technique can prevent injuries

Dropping a motorcycle can be embarrassing, but it is something that most riders have done at one time or another. If your motorcycle should end up on the ground, hopefully only your pride will be bruised. And while you need to get your vehicle standing again, you should also take a few moments to calm your nerves.

Roads built for cars present hazards for motorcycles

While the United States has a very extensive and functional highway and road system, our thoroughfares are primarily constructed to accommodate cars, trucks and other large vehicles. This makes sense as these vehicles represent the highest percentage of traffic.

Robot motorcyclist has no reason to fear crashing

Perhaps you have read or heard about how some automobile companies are currently developing autonomous or self-driving cars. While it seems that widespread use of such vehicles is years in the future, the idea does have merit. If the technology were somehow perfected, it would likely dramatically decrease the number of traffic accidents that occur every year on our roads and highways.

How can you stay warm on winter motorcycle ride?

In the very near future, the mild, cool weather of fall will give way to the rather blustery and cold conditions of winter that Rhode Islanders know to expect every year. And while many motorcyclists choose to put their machines in mothballs until the warm weather returns, some prefer to keep riding whenever possible.

Motorcycle passenger suffers serious leg injury in accident

It can be a complete joy to ride on a motorcycle in the northeastern states, especially as the weather is cooling, and the leaves on the trees are changing color. But the fact is that motorcycles do not provide riders with the same level of physical protection that is afforded by automobiles.

Safe riding practices can help motorcyclists avoid accidents

Massachusetts and Rhode Island motorcyclists are likely aware of the maneuvering necessary to avoid collisions with distracted or discourteous drivers. The fact is you ride a motorcycle as much with your head as you do your body, meaning that in order to avoid accidents, you must always be mentally alert and ready to react to what may happen next.

Planning can help group riders avoid motorcycle accidents

It is likely that many Rhode Island riders are planning to take advantage of the spring and summer months by hopping on their motorcycles and going on extended trips. And while riding by oneself has its joys, so too does gathering with fellow enthusiasts and going on a group excursion.

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