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The risks of internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is an often-serious injury that may result from a car accident after a body part hits or is hit with a blunt or penetrable object. While some internal bleeding is obvious from the injury that causes it, Rhode Island residents may not know that internal bleeding could take days to occur from a less-obvious trauma.

Defenses to driver liability after a Rhode Island car crash

After a car accident, it may be logical to assume that one driver was at fault for the crash. However, there are some cases where more than one driver might have contributed to the accident. A lawyer can use contributory or comparative negligence defenses in court to help their client reduce the amount of damages potentially owed.

Understanding the impact of impaired driving on US roads

Newport drivers may be interested in some statistics regarding driving safety concerns due to impaired drivers. These issues, according to the government, lead to one person being killed on the roads every 51 minutes.

Shoulder injuries in car accidents

Most people will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in their lives. Car accidents cause physical and emotional injury. They disrupt work, personal lives and can result in lost wages. Types of physical injuries suffered can range from muscle sprain and tearing, typically called soft tissue injuries, to more serious injuries such as dislocations, fractures and even death. Drivers and passengers can and do suffer shoulder injuries upon impact.

Study examines the cost of treatment for traumatic brain injury

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury during a car accident, it is sometimes difficult to estimate the total cost of their recovery. Rhode Island drivers may be interested in a study that looks at rehospitalization, a prominent cost on the road to recovery.

Car crash may have been unknowingly caused by driver

At one time or another, nearly every Rhode Island driver has suddenly realized that he or she needs to make a turn. The sudden deceleration and turn may cause other vehicles around it to have to stop short. Drivers may have done this numerous times without incident; but occasionally, it can lead to a car crash.

No charges expected in bicycle vs. car crash in Rhode Island

Not every accident in Rhode Island that involves serious injuries or death leads to criminal charges. Sometimes, a car crash is no more than an unfortunate accident, and the conduct of the driver deemed responsible does not rise to the level of being criminal. Often, the strict burden of proof required for criminal cases cannot be met based on the facts surrounding a car crash.

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